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Someone Please Take Me to Paradise

I'm Tired of Reality

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♥ [Australia] ♥
Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

Butterflies Flutter By
You will become one with Russia, da?

I'm a senior at Brevard College in Brevard, NC. I'm a history major who loves Hetalia and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I enjoy dressing up in period clothing at times, have made some of my own clothes, and working on getting a teaching license. I love quotes.

"Human beings can't help but want other people. Probably no matter how miserable their situation, or how much they're loved by their family, all anyone really wants is to be accepted by others. I'm sure of it. And all that parents want is for their children to be happy. That's really all that matters. So someday, when you girls are older, even if you start to take different paths, you'll never have to feel lonely or unloved, because these are the kinds of bonds that never go away." ~Kyoko-san from Fruits Basket.

"Stories never really end...even if the books like to pretend they do. Stories always go on. They no more end on the last page, just as much as they don't begin on the first page." - Mo to Meggie, Inkspell.

"Come away come away with the traveling show, come away with the raggle taggle gypsy oh! We'll raggle-taggle here, we'll raggle-taggle there, we'll raggle up and down taggle everywhere, From the North, from the South, from the the East to the West, well the sky is our roof and the road is our rest..." - Scalliwag, Gaelic Storm

When ideas float in our mind without any reflection or regard of the understanding, it is that which the French call revery, our language has scarce a name for it. ~John Locke

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense. ~Mark Overby

Oil Pastels, the crayons for big kids.

Marching Band isn't just a past-time at Football games. It's hard work for 6 hours worth of practice a week, 2 weeks less Summer Break than other people, memorizing music, positions, and watching. It's a sport, a character builder, a choice. But most importantly, marching band is a 'Way of Life'.

So this is it then? We're just going to say goodbye and pretend nothing happened. Okay. You go first.

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. ~Author Unknown

"Let's go, one more time, I'll play with your heart and you'll destroy mine."

Maybe part of loving is learning to let go. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

"Broken Hearts and Dying Flowers."

"Once upon a time...."

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!" he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you." ~A.A. Milne

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares. ~Henri Nouwen

"One day I'll find Prince Charming, and he'll find me, and we'll stop asking God where the other is."

"I believe in music the way some people believe in Fairy Tales." ~ August Rush

There is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul. ~Edith Wharton

Tag, you're it.

You just lost... the Game.

What are you playing at, telling me I PLAYED with your HEART when you clearly DESTROYED mine.

"I'm betting on Alice." ~ Bella from Twilight

“You know lad, that love business is a powerful thing.”
“Greater than gravity?”
“Well, yes boy, in its way, yes I’d say it’s the greatest force on earth.”
~Merlin and Arthur, “The Sword in the Stone"

I believe this tiny little life that I've created is nothing more than a fragile shell of the vision I had when I started at this. Maybe as time continues on, it will grow and evolve like the butterflies I love.


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